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English Name: Davis Motomiya

Japanese Name: Motomiya Daisuke

Davis is the new leader of the Digidestined. He looks a whole lot like Tai, and in fact, Tai is his hero. Davis plays on the same soccer team as Tai, and looks up to him a lot. Davis used to wear goggles similar to Tai's, except they were square, but once Tai realized that it was time for Davis to lead the Digidestined, he gave him his old goggles. Davis, just like Tai, is quick to rush into things without thinking, and normally his first decision isn't the right one. Davis also has a big crush on Tai's little sister, Kari.

Stage   Name Attack 
In-Training  Chibimon Bubble Blow??
Rookie  Veemon Vee Headbutt

Vee Punch

Champion  Flamedramon Fire Rocket,

Knuckle Fire

Champion  Lighdramon Blue Thunder,

Electric Bite

Champion  Magnamon       ???
Ultimate       ??       ???


English Name: Yolei Inoue

Japanese Name: Inoue Miyako

Some people say that Yolei is a Sora knock-off, but in truth she's more like Mimi. At first meeting, Yolei seems pretty ditsy(in fact, when she finally got to meet Mimi, she knew instantly that they were soulmates!) but Yolei is the computer whiz of the group. She's in the computer club at school with Izzy. Yolei isn't just good with computers, she's good with pretty much anything mechanical. Yolei's family owns a convenience store, so she's always the one to supply the Digidestined with snacks on their trips to Digiworld.

Stage   Name Attack 
In-Training  Poromon Bubble Blow??
Rookie  Hawkmon Feather Slash 
Champion  Halsemon Mach Impulse,

Red Sun

Champion  Shurimon Kusanagi,

Autumn Wind

Ultimate       ??        ??? 


English Name: Cody Hida

Japanese Name: Hida Iori

Cody may be the youngest of the Digidestined, but he is definitely the most disciplined. This most likely comes from his practice of kendo, traditional Japanese fencing. Cody is always the one to make sure the Digidestined, mainly Davis, don't do anything stupid. He lives in the same apartment building as Yolei, and though they are quite different people, they are very good friends.

Stage   Name Attack 
In Training  Upamon Bubble Blow??
Rookie  Armadillomon Rolling Stone
Champion  Digmon Gold Rush,

Big Crack

Champion  Submarimon Oxygen Homing,

Submarine Attack

Ultimate         ??         ???


English Name: T.K. Takaishi

Japanese Name: Takaishi Takeru

T.K is no longer the little cry baby of the group. He's now quite tall and is the star player of his basketball team. T.K. and his mom have moved back to Odaiba, presumably to be closer to Matt, but unfortunately his parents didn't get remarried. And its about time he got rid of that funny hat!...err..well, he traded up for another funny hat! The girls at school are always chasing T.K. around, but he's not really interested in any of them..well.. he is interested in one girl. He has quite a big crush on Kari, but hasn't gathered up the courage to ask her out yet.

Stage   Name Attack 
In-Training  Tokomon Bubble Blow
Rookie  Patamon Boom Bubble
Champion  Angemon Hand of Fate
Champion  Pegasmon Silver Brace,

Shooting Star

Ultimate  MagnaAngemon Magna Antidote, Gate of Destiny 
Mega  Seraphimon Seven Heavens,



English Name: Kari Kamiya

Japanese Name: Yagami Hikari

Kari has grown up quite a bit too! She loves photography, and wears a little digital camera around her neck all the time. Kari knows that Davis has a big crush on her, and purposely flirts with T.K. and takes his side in arguments just to make Davis jealous.

Stage   Name Attack 
In-Training  Nyaromon Bubble Blow
Rookie  Salamon Fire Paws
Champion  Gatomon Lightning Paw 
Ultimate  Angewomon Heaven's Charm, Celestial Arrow
Ultimate  Nefertimon Rosetta Stone, Curse of Queen
Mega MagnaDramon Dragon Fire,

Fire Tornado